Teeth Whitening

Brighter smiles with teeth whitening in Kenai, AK

Although many people tend to compare professional teeth whitening with movie stars and brides, it is actually an extremely popular procedure in cosmetic dentistry. At our office we help our patients achieve whiter and brighter smiles with our teeth whitening services.


If you’re looking for a bright and beaming smile, Opalescence offers an option that is stronger and more effective than over-the-counter tooth whitening products. Opalescence prescription-strength products are designed to accommodate any lifestyle or budget. We’re proud to offer Opalescence teeth whitening for all of our patients in Kenai, AK.

Let Your Smile Shine

Teeth stains can result from many sources including:
  • Coffee
  • Red wine
  • Soda
  • Tea
  • Tobacco
  • Some medications
Take action to have your smile brightened before discoloration becomes too severe. At Dr. Julien's you’ll get solid advice, professional care and a smile that will renew your self esteem. 
Woman about to have her teeth whitened
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